Say hello to streamlined time logging & robust time study analysis for maximum third-party reimbursement for organizations like yours.

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Organizations like yours are able to unlock a multitude of benefits with TimeStudy. Heres how:

Powerful features built from the ground up with the specific needs of organizations and employees like yours in mind.
Track, store, report and more with TimeStudy.

Real-Time Paperless Timekeeping

Allows employees to easily and accurately track time spent delivering activities defined by your organization.

Access Unlimited Time Studies

While MAA and FFP are most common, TimeStudy is not limited to them. TimeStudy can accommodate any funding source you choose.

Powerful Reporting & Analytics

TimeStudy generates the reports you need for your organization to analyze user performance and for third-party invoicing purposes.

Capture Reimbursement Revenue

With a few clicks, generate third-party specific documentation required to capture reimbursement revenue.

Highlights Process Status

Streamlined workflow for time submittal and supervisor approval. With intelligent validation & color-coded for convenience, TimeStudy supports accurate time logging.

Customizable Time Increments

TimeStudy accommodates time recording by the minute, fractions of hours, or full hours.

TimeStudy is used by a diverse group of organizations and agencies. Here's a sample from Los Angeles:


"Persimmony’s TimeStudy product is very user friendly for our staff and supervisors. It provides clarity, efficiency, and a centralized location from where all the data we need can be found in one place at a click."

Veronica M. Carter
Sr. Contract Compliance Officer, LA County
White Paper

Learn more about what value time study brings to agencies, where time study can be applied (or not) and how time study helped one county in California turn its budget around.

Options for Organizations of Any Size

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To better serve you, TimeStudy was architected with powerful features from the ground up. Here are answers to frequently asked questions:

  • Why Should I Choose Persimmony TimeStudy?

    Persimmony has nearly 20 years’ experience helping clients streamline processes, improve efficiencies and maximize funding source revenues. Persimmony works across a range of governmental agencies and non-profit organizations. Persimmony brings a team of experienced staff standing by to support you.

  • How does Persimmony TimeStudy help us improve accuracy?

    Our online solution does the calculations for you, eliminating potential math errors and the need for re-keying of data. Our built-in checks and balances ensure weekly compliance goals are met, time studies are completed on time, and studies directed to the appropriate supervisor for approval. In addition, an array of reports is available to ensure program goals are met accurately, completely and on schedule.

  • How is using Persimmony TimeStudy more efficient than my current system?

    Persimmony automates the entire process for you by eliminating opportunities for error and streamlining approvals. Persimmony empowers you and your team to focus on what you do best. Persimmony TimeStudy employs a straight-forward methodology to ensure departmental code-tracking goals are met and errors flagged. Our robust suite of reports provides at-a-glance transparency to all time studied activities.

  • What are Persimmony TimeStudy IT requirements?

    For most customers, there are none. Persimmony TimeStudy is an online, web-based solution, requiring only internet access. Our system supports any browser and internet-enabled device.

  • I am ready to talk. What’s next?

    Contact Persimmony to schedule a virtual TimeStudy presentation. You will see TimeStudy in action, have your questions answered, and we can determine together if Persimmony TimeStudy is the right fit for you. There are no annual contracts to sign. Implementation is coordinated based on your schedule and needs.

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